Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oireachtas returns today after six week break. Would have been seven weeks only for decision to rush through nursing home legislation. I am tired of argument that TDs work very hard etc. Some do. Others don't. It's partly their own fault, insisting on persevering with dual mandate of being county councillors despite that mandate being abolished. Sure, some of it comes down to the massive insecurity of multi-seat constituencies.
But they have been getting it too soft for years. Over~paid. Under-worked. Too many expenses. Too many of them. Too much holidays. A deeply anomolous Seanad that's in dire need of reform. Lack of legislation. Dumbing down of parliament and debate. Government and opposition by press launches and billboard.
Why the indolence? Why the inertia? As the former Fine Gael TD Alice Glenn once said: it's like asking a turkey to vote for Christmas!

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