Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Since the demise of Scrap Saturday, Irish broadcasters have run scared of proper and substantial political satire - giving us anodyne candy floss like Bull Island. Sure, it's been patchy in Britain since Spitting Image went to ground; though you still get the occasional snakebite coming from the undergrowth (from Chris Morris in particular).

Well over here that vacuum is being filled by politically savvy bloggers, designers and net video enthusiasts. There has been a glut of imaginative satirical material of late poking fun at our political classes (and, by corollary, making serious political points). Some of it has been a bit childish and some has been amateurish; but there's a surprising amount of stuff that has exposed the pro forma and soft PR opportunities that passes for political discourse.

The devilishly good cartoons featured here both comes from a blogger called Green Ink. You should check out the site which has a rake of wonderful cartoons lampooning Bertie and company. I referred last week to those posters featuring Bertie Ahern and their faintly luminous glow. Somebody had suggested that they were Photoshop jobs. Well Green Ink has taken the Photoshop theory to its ultimate conclusion with hilarious results.


Green Ink said...

To be fair it was Nat King Coleslaw who kicked the whole Bertieshop thing off on the Snackbox Diaries.
But you're clearly right about everything else. ;)

Gomaith said...

These guys have a political section. Fair play to them on the Irish as well.