Tuesday, June 12, 2007


10.30PM. As dramatic as everything this past 12 days. The 59th minute of the 11th hour - after five, or was it six, deadlines - had passed.

There was no mistaken the barely suppressed euphoria of the Green leadership. As Dan Boyle walked towards the Green party HQ in Suffolk Street, his smile was as wide as the Bog of Allen.

The deal had been struck. The Greens will be in Government. Along with the PDs and independents of the ilk of Michael Lowry and Beverly Flynn. They will parlay a justification for that. And they are confident that they can carry the extraordinary meeting of the party membership tomorrow evening, with the draft document they have.

Little of it was revealed. Trevor hinted that they had made progress on standards in government and also on health, but all will be revealed tomorrow.

Will he be Tanaiste? Unlikely. The next big question will be how many ministries they can wrest out of FF - just one plus a super junior or two full ministries like the PDs got in 1989?

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philipcasey said...

Many thanks for the blow by blow. Some really nice blogging there.