Thursday, September 06, 2007


It was election by acclamation at the end. Eamon Gilmore always had a big gale behind him. But when others did the sums (and I'll tell you there's none better at Joan Burton than doing that) they realised that they would not even give him a contest. Democratic choice is all very well, but if it's you and if you're going to be chazzled in the contest, then it's better not even to step into the ring.

The blog just about ticked over during the summer as I took the Enda Kenny philosophy on political endeavor to heart (ie stay away from it as much as possible). Anyway, it's now September and we're back in full swing. Eamon Gilmore went through the crowning process. The Senate returns next week. Sure, the debates will be more interesting (but ultimately useless). And of course, most of the attention will be on the Skiberreen Ego (ok Baltimore these days)and Mr Bombastic Eoghan Harris. All of Harris's stuff is self-serving. The duels between Ronan Mullen and Ivana Bacik will be ultimately more interesting.

And of course, there's the Anorak taking the stand at the Planning Tribunal. If it goes badly, he'll not last the course - and expect Brian Cowen to be elevated in short order.

Incidentally, Sunday Indo have had it in for Cowen all summer. It's extraordinary how they initially went on the attack on stamp duty, pulled back during the election campaign (amid rumours of a back-Bertie-at-all-costs deal hammered out at Castle Martin) and - once FF had won - kept writing up Bertie while renewing their ridiculous attack on the anointed one.

* Sorry. Forgot to add in an amusing little bit from Gilmore's biography.

"Eamon's interests outside of politics include cooking. He is an avid sports fan and is a passionate follower of his native Galway in both the hurling and football. His local village team Caltra won the all Ireland club title in 2004. Recently he consoled himself following the disappointing results of the recent election by watching the Galway hurling team. Unfortunatley no matter what Galway do Kilkenny always seem to win the title."

Gilmore is one of six Oireachtas members from Catlra and Ahascragh (the three Kitt siblings; Ronan Mullen and Mary Harney who was also born there). As a fellow Galway man and long-suffering hurling supporter, I can safely vouch that he go no consolation whatsoever in the game.


Dan Sullivan said...

Harry, the funnier thing about Gilmore is his new tagline "Not only me, but others too; Not only here, but elsewhere too; Not only today, but tomorrow too" which as it has been reported on and irishelection sounds like the presidential appeal of Kodos from the Simpsons'

"We must move forward, not backward. Upward, not forward. And always twirling, twirling, twirling toward freedom!"

Darren J. Prior said...

If Bertie Ahern has to go he will be demonised like Charlie Haughey.

Conall McDevitt said...

An acre of news print has been written about the future of progressive politics in Ireland since Pat Rabbitte’s resignation as Labour Leader, and Eamon Gilmore’s election unopposed this week. Some has been insightful and credible. From within the Labour Party though, too much emphasis has been put on ‘the brand’ and an increasing belief that their problems can be sorted with a refreshed image and a new logo. If only it were that simple. We have posted some interesting anylysis on