Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Bertie Ahern will survive but for how long? Nets, tridents, spears and those funny clubs with the spikes in them are being readied for tomorrow. It will be gladiatorial. That's a posh way of describing the schemozzle that will take place. Taoiseach will survive but not without shipping some very very heavy blows. His credibility, in not in tatters, has been severely dented by his appearance at the Tribunal.


Anonymous said...

Of course Bertie will survive but at the least the opposition will put down a marker for the months ahead. Bertie is dead man walking and the motion of confidence will tie the Greens into his phoney stories.

What will the Sindo do now that the magic formula is b...ocks or is that b...icks?

Dan Sullivan said...

It is a remarkable contrast between the PDs back when they were a political party that they removed Charlie and forced Albert into a general election. Now the Greens are behaving like they have to live with whatever FF decide to do when in actual fact they could simply tell FF that they did a deal with FF on a program for government but that they aren't compelled to support as Taoiseach simply a FF nominee for Taoiseach and that FF should find someone else for the job in double quick time, but they lack the convictions or the coujons to do what the PDs would once have done.

Speaking of the PDs, has there even been a press statement from the party on the evidence to the tribunal?

Dan Sullivan said...

Did you notice that Bertie has just said to the Dail that he had over 20 bank accounts at the time that he previously said he had no bank accounts?

He threw it in at the end of his answer to Gilmore. They were in his name, his children's names, his cats name and so on and so forth. He's forever throwing in the tastiest tidbits in the last line of his answers.

Harry McGee said...

It was amazing Dan, in the same way he threw in the sly little reference to the £8,000 from Manchester in his interview with Brian Dobson on Six-One this day last year.