Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Bertie Ahern had a pretty torrid day in the Dáil today. His response to the scandal of the misdiagnosed cancer tests in Portlaoise was to accept zero responsibility, say he was not responsible for 120,000 workers in the Health services and take a couple of swipes at consultants who he said were paid even more money than he was.
He made a couple of decent points that strongly suggested human error rather than systems error and improvements in oncology services generally.
But his difficult was that the bitterness swelled up to swamp everything.
Still, it wasn't quite as embarrassing for him as this video of Gordon Brown (Carl O'Brien alerted me to it today)
For those of a sensitive disposition, it's not an edifying sight!

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Dan Sullivan said...

Brown is either shaking with rage or on the verge of breakdown according to this one.