Saturday, November 10, 2007


Thanks to Damien Mulley for this. He send me the link of a grand new site with a grand new idea to initiate a national dig-out day for Bertie, to take place two days after the Budget. Apparently he's going through a hard time politically at the moment and there's nothing that would lift his spirits more than a dig-out this side of Christmas.

The site is and is under construction right now. But if it takes off, it could be made into an annual event!


Alex said...

I think this is quite a good illustration of why so many people still support Bertie Ahern. Whatever the Taoiseach's faults, his detractors usually come across as far worse: juvenile, smug, sniggering and, in many cases, patently nasty pieces of work. A little more self-awareness wouldn’t go amiss.

Harry McGee said...

Thank you for your comment Alex. The Taoiseach is himself not averse to making deeply cyncical comments.

See the entry from today (Tuesday) and his comments about the media uttered in the Dáil.

And when he was doorstepped about the John Crown and RTE affair yesterday he also said that if he asked for a person not to be used by RTE they would use him for twice the length. That assertion was later utterly rejected by MD of Television Noel Curran.

So cynicism, so far as it relates to Bertie Ahern of late, is a two-way street.

Bock the Robber said...

Alex: That type of comment would be known as an ad hominem argument: in debating terms, a spurious, dishonest and transparent attempt to play the man instead of the ball. Classic FF.

Alex said...

No argument there, Harry. I just wanted to make the point that the Taoiseach’s critics often shoot themselves in the foot by coming across as pious, sniggering and sometimes downright unpleasant. That juvenile website is a good example.
Incidentally, wasn’t Bertie’s comment about people getting twice as much airtime if he complained about them clearly supposed to be a, you know, joke?