Monday, March 03, 2008


I haven't posted anything since December 21. That's a fair gap, or a hiatus as we call it in my new place of employ.
Since then a a lot of water has passed under the bridge
Or as Terry Flanagan might put it, a lot of water has passed under the bridge.
Well it hasn't really.
I signed off with Bertie back then and am - surprise, surprise - locking back in with Bertie.
The Sunday Business Post poll findings on his Tribunal evidence was enough to completely wilt that surge (well the slight increase of one percent)in Fianna Fail's support levels.
Fifty three per cent don't believe Ahern's evidence. Half of those surveyed no longer trust him to run the country. And if he is found to have lied to the Tribunal, seven out of ten think that will merit the walking of the political plank.
Earlier this week, I did a piece on Fianna Fail's grassroots. Unsurprisingly, they are all four square (110 percent as they all say) behind him, irrespective of how deep or how suppurating the slurry he has to wade through.
They reminded me of the final scene in 'Some Like it Hot' with Jack Lemmon (still in drag) and the the little fellow who has fallen for his female persona. Jack Lemmon , tries to break it him gently, giving a list of reasons why they can't marry.
Finally, he says: "I can never have children", to which the suitor cheerily responds: "I don't care."
Damn it all, says Lemmon in exasperation as he rips of the wig, I'm a man.
To which the suitor replies cheerily: "I don't care."
And that's how loyal the FF grassroots are!
We have written endlessly here about the longevity of the anorak.
But the 30 grand to Celia; the melding of political donations with personal cash... all that is potentially more damaging than the dig-out loans and the eight grand from Manchester.
For the first time we sense that this remarkable political journey will reach an end sooner than marked out on the itinerary. The land that Charlie McCreevy got after the locals in 2004, will be given this time to the giver of the land. There will be no Inchdoney strategy this time round. It's an exit strategy and it will be timed for sometime around the local elections next year.


Damien Mulley said...

Welcome back Harry.

Anonymous said...

Harry is this post to make amends for the Times piece?

Harry McGee said...

Thanks Damian. To Anonymous: the Times piece was a very straight piece of reportage on the Fianna Fail grassroots... I tried to write it without bringing any of my own assumptions or prejudices to bear.

Maman Poulet said...

Lovely to see the post pop up in the reader today!

So next year's locals? Hmm I wonder will he really last that long...

DB said...

I think Lemmon's deluded suitor's response was "Nobody's perfect" which may well be the attitude of many an FFer also.
Anyway good to see you back here!!

Dan Sullivan said...

Good to see you back, some of us were wondering if Madam had clamped your keyboard.

"Since then a a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Or as Terry Flanagan might put it, a lot of water has passed under the bridge." Immortalised in phrase already, that's more than most TDs could wish for in their first year. I can see it now someone goes into a large hall, gives a loud holler and says "there's a fierce old Terence in this place."

Green Ink said...

Welcome back Harry.

Red Mum said...

Great to see you back blogging Harry. Hope you had a happy hiatus.