Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Maureen Dowd

All the people I loved reading, I can't read any more. Martin Amis (gone to seed). Christopher Hitchens (for his views and his increased portentousness and carbuncular prose). And now Maureen Dowd. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, For the past couple of years, her column has been as necessary as a cup of strong coffee. She's been piercing, witty, spot-on, reducing complex arguments to a hilarious throwaway line or pun.

But now I've gone right off her. And it's mostly because I disagree with her, but also because the prose I once found sharp and funny, I now find to be trite and corny. And her flirtage with Barack Obama is more out there than Obama Girl on You Tube. And I know she wasn't a fan of Bubba's. But by God, you can almost see the scratch marks appear on the screen every time she refers to Kill Hill.


Dan Sullivan said...

The tie, Harry, the tie. Oh why, oh why.

Harry McGee said...

It was a biteen green alright. Would have preferred to wear an Aer Arann geansaí (the new Galway jersey) but unfortunately we have to wear the unifrom.

Dan Sullivan said...

Green? It looked like a radiation spill, there again I've never mastered the dressing for telly business either.

I thought Vincent was a little miffed that you had the gall to raise the Spitzer story which frankly was much more News like. I must admit I'm warming to the regularity and the timing of News Tonight but some of the format could use tightening.