Monday, March 26, 2007


Fine Gael were not going to take Fianna Fáil's Damascene conversion to 'auction politics' lying down.
In an amazing series of texts sent immediately after MrBertie Ahern’s speech on Saturday night , FG fulminated against Fianna Fáil’s entry into auction politics.

Here they are in all their glory...

Text 1:
FG Resp to BA speech: “who do u think u are kidding?”. FF record is one of broken promises in health crime & tax. 10 yrs + it’s not done; 15 yrs won’t change it.

Text 2:
Re. Metro + Luas comments. Metro to airort by 07 promised in 02. Not delivered. Only surprised that DART to Dingle wasn’t included.

Text 3:
Re. Health comments. FF adopting FG policies on screening and urgent care centres.

Text 4:
Re. Garda comments. 14,000 Gardaí promised by ‘07 in ‘02. Actual numbers today just 13,000.

Govt no credibility on new target of 16,000.

And you can just sense the indignation and fury boiling over in text five.

Text 5:
Guys, I’m done now. Vomiting promises for 20+ mins when u haven’t delivered on ur previous promises + accuse others of reckless ‘auction’ politics is funny.

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