Friday, March 30, 2007


Timing is everything. You wonder why the PDs chose today to launch their, ahem, humorous (I'm laughing so much that my sides are hurting) website

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the Fine Gael Ard Fheis that's starting out in City West tonight, could it?

Or the fact that FF is gearing up to choose today as the day when it begins a detailed rebuttal of Frank Flannery's 30-seat-gain prediction? Coincidence, sheer coincidence, I tell you!

I was thrilled this morning to find out about the PD site. Great, I though. At last they are injecting a bit of humour into the campaign. Sadly, though, when you get through the feeble humour-lite front page, it's the usual over-the-top mixture of rant and scare stories. Is anybody else getting tired about being warned of the dark dangers inherent in two middle-of-the-road centrist parties like FG and Labour oining up together. Isn't there a bigger ideological divide between the PDs and FF nowadays, especially since Comrade Bertie wrapped the red flag around him?

It's worth reading though. Follow the above link but don't expect too many belly laughs.


Dan Sullivan said...

There could be more sites like this in the coming days. Watch and see.

Harry McGee said...

The next ouevre from Sullivan sounds like it is on the way!