Monday, May 14, 2007


Unless something new comes out in the wash today, the BertieGate saga has now finished as an election issue. Brian Cowen took a couple of questions (they were almost asked as a matter of form) but you realised as soon as he responded that there was no further life left in that dog.

Anyways for an hour before that he had lorded the press conference with a magnificent performance of biff, bluster and bravado. He dissed the opposition's economic policies, claiming that the FF figures all stacked up, and that the opposition would "bust" us.
BertieGate was swept aside by use of the magician's trick of misdirection.

And singlehandedly Cowen changed the direction of the campaign for FF, putting BertieGate behind it, pushing the agenda on. It was his intervention during the great unpleasantness of last autumn that changed course for FF. The more you look at him in this form, the more you think: the leader in waiting.


Dan Sullivan said...

He seems a bit testy the last while, might be because he reckons his best chance of becoming FF leader is if they are government and if they lose then it might be D'Ahern or Martin?

John Carroll said...

Cowen is a Noonan style figure. The party faithful love him and his attacks on the opposition, he riles them up and is good for party morale. But there is little to suggest that his bullying and hectoring style goes down well with the public at large - he seems to come across more as a bully who thinks he is the smartest kid in the class.