Monday, May 07, 2007


The insults are being trotted out faster than a piebald pony at the Ballinasloe Horse Fair.

Enda Kenny got in the act early this afternoon accusing the PDs of being behind the leaks. He referred back to the famous Frank Connolly passport application, claiming that Michael McDowell had torn a page out of the file.

The PDs responded a little later, with a repeat of Brian Cowen's line yesterday that Enda Kenny was speaking out of both sides of his mouth. McDowell, through his office, wanted to remind people of what they described as Enda Kenny's role on the day before the Garda Fallon accusations came out a couple of weeks ago in the Sunday Indo and the Irish Mail on Sunday. He naturally rejected all such allegations.


Anonymous said...

Decided to post a comment since virtually nobody else is... what exactly is the point of this blog if nobody appears to read it?

Adam said...

What exactly is the "torn page" reference about - is that a new allegation or a regurgitated one that I've forgotten?

Pretty interesting claim to make, and Noel Ahern's "it's the opposition, but I can't prove it" was equally bizarre.

Exit stage left, election. Enter state right, circus.

Harry McGee said...

The "torn page" refers to the information that Michael McDowell conveyed to journalist Sam Smyth about Frank Connolly (then the director of the Centre for Public Inquiry - now of course the Mail on Sunday journalist) and an alleged clandestine trip to Colombia under an assumed name.

It's the height of irony that the information that almost brought the government down was provided by McDowell's adversary, Frank Connolly. Of course, that is why he went to Jody Corcoran in the Sunday Independent - hell would have frozen over before he would have approached Frank Connolly for such information or Connolly would have given it to him.

Harry McGee said...

Message to anonymous. At least you appeared to have read it.

beachhutman said...

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