Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My own initial verdict is that Rabbitte (relaxed, almost too Cheshire Cat) pipped it from McDowell (over negative, too prone to personal insults) from Adams (relaxed but woolly on specifics espeically on the economy) and Trevor (made some very good points; defended himself well but the writing on the hands was a disaster).

The last time any of us saw writing on the palm of the hand was on the hands of exam cheats who wrote cog notes on their palms. Trevor should have learned from the first rule of a cogger. Which is not to get caught. If you have something to hide, make sure it's hidden.
Every time he made a gesture we could see it: Giving his own Irish version of, Talk to the hand. It will deflect from what was a performance in which he held his own against three of the smoothest and most efficient debaters in the business.

There were a couple of good lines. When Adams said his bank owned his holiday home in Donegal; McDowell whizzed in with: "What bank? The Northern Bank?".

He then plied it on too thick with his accusation about the FARC drug-money allegedly financing Sinn Fein.

As people who follow politics, we knew that Adams had information gaps when it came to the economy. But he's very self-assured and has a reach with the public.

Rabbitte's best lines were reserved for McDowell. The best of all was:

“Michael is like a menopausal Paris Hilton. He is an inveterate attention seeker.”

Surely one he had prepared earlier.

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Conal said...

Nobody cares that Trevor had notes on his hand. He'll only lose out from it becuase it's an easy target for lazy process-story journos who Irish people are far too reverential towards.

Pat was fine, the most consistant performance of the group.

Trevor probably underperformed but he wasn't that bad. Mentioned Louth a lot which is telling.

Gerry was God awful and everyone knows it. Don't let him snatch a small victory by saying he beat the expectations. He was bad and it's that simple.

The debate probably needed more structure- Little was given an impossible task.

Twas a more important debate than tomorrow's which will be so dull that most people will turn it off after 15 mins.