Friday, May 25, 2007


The pattern has been clear since this morning. But what's happened is staggering. Staggering. I's 7.30pm and there's tentative talk of an overeall majority for Fianna Fail.

If that happens, it will be its most stunning win since 1977.

Fine Gael has bounced back but its victory can only be a relative one.

Every election - even the boring ones - are bloodbaths.

Some of us thought that FF would edge it. And most observers predicted that the PDs would face wipe-out. But the Green and Sinn Fein getting it in the neck? The squeezing fo the Labour party? And FF hoovering up everything - in Dublin, Cork, everywhere in fact.

Already, so many have fallen. Liz O'Donnell is gone. Joe Higgins is gone. Sean Crowe is gone. Dan Boyle is in real trouble in Cork South Central. Michael McDowell looks like he's going to go too. Paul Gogarty and Ciaran Cuffe are also in danger. Liam Twomey is in real danger too.

Staggering. Staggering.

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