Saturday, May 05, 2007


Bertie Gate - The Sequel is the story that keeps on giving.

It's going to take us right into week two of the campaign.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see the impact of new Sunday newspaper revelations and what the PDs will do.

If the PDs pull out, it will mean little in terms of Government... it's on half-throttle in any instance since the election was called.

But it will leave the PDs very isolated. They will have severed their ties with FF. None of the other parties wants to treat with them. They'll have to make a very good pitch as to why they will be any relevance.

And as for FF. The papers will damage them more. The PDs pulling out will damage them more. The Mahon Tribunal, by timing the Quarryvale 2 module to coincide with the election campaign, may have unwittingly taken the Government down. Everything that is damaging Bertie Ahern is coming from documents that the Tribunal distributed to witnesses and which one of them is now leaking.

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