Sunday, May 20, 2007


Amazing footage of the equally amazing Johnny Brady from Meath West - the heckler of the year by the way - giving the warm-up speech to introduce Thomas Byrne, FF candidate in the neighbouring constituency of Meath East.

Up the yard with ye Johnny boy! It's vintage stuff - they just don't make them like they used to. Thanks to the staggeringly prolific Damian Mulley for this.

The full video of this event can been seen on the FF candidates Thomas Byrne's own blog on Blogger.

Speaking of which, Meath East seems to be the place for political bloggers. Dominic Hannigan has a well-publicised one. They say the best though is that of the independent candidate AJ Cahill.

Here is a small sample of his most recent posting:

"Meath Muppet Show - Enough is Enough

I received a lot of positive comments about my manifesto, but also a bit of stick that it was too long. You can't win !. I have also had some comments I was being a little too hard on the opposition particularly the Labour candidate Clr Dominic Hannigan - Oh no I was not, but anyway this video is to help to balance things out a little.

There's a lot of things I believe in passionately in my manifesto but one thing that maybe didn't come across immediately was why I had actually put myself forward for election and what exactly Enough is Enough meant.

My main reason for running is to call for community facilities as a balance to builders profits. I believe the whole system, particularly at local level is anti-citizen and fundamentally flawed and corrupt. There is no other way so many of the people supposedly running our county and country can be so stupid, arrogant or neglectful of the people who entrusted them with power."

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Anonymous said...

There's no way that Aj cahills blog is the best one. Dominic hannigan has done his one for months. Dont even think that Aj cahill is any compettion. just look at them. Its obvious.